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Tik Saver without watermark

Tik Saver without watermark

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The app strictly follows all Apple guidelines, including privacy policy, terms of use, guidelines for apps with in-app purchases, and interface. We considered the marketing aspects upfront, making the app more appealing to potential users. App is highly flexible, allowing you to add your own features, content, and localize to any language.

How app works

The user initially experiences a one-time onboarding screen highlighting the app's features and encouraging a subscription. Subsequently, they reach a screen prompting them to paste a link from TikTok. This screen provides information on how the process works and includes a button to navigate to TikTok for link copying. Upon pasting the link, non-subscribers encounter a screen suggesting a subscription purchase, while subscribers proceed to the video download screen and subsequently to the player. The player allows users to save the video to their device or share it. Additionally, all downloaded videos are accessible on the history screen. The app also features a settings screen for user customization.

Application screens

- Onboarding screen
- Subscription screen
- Rate us screen
- Paste TikTok url screen
- Player screen
- Video history screen
- Settings

Technology Stack

- UI Framework: UIKit
- Interface Design: Storyboards
- Swift Packages, CocoaPods
- AppHud for in-app purchases
- API enabling video downloads from TikTok
- CoreData
- User Defaults
- Localization features for global accessibility

Code Architecture:

- The code follows a straightforward and readable architecture, combining MVC (Model-View-Controller) with a coordinator pattern.
- Comprehensive comments have been added for better understanding, making it exceptionally easy to incorporate additional functionalities as needed.

What you get

1. The source code of the app
2. Instruction how to setup in-app purchases with App Hud
3. Instruction how to setup API

What do you need to get started

1. Mac computer
2. Xcode 14 or later
3. Create a Bundle ID

Also we provide all instructions you need inside project.


Feel free to ask any questions

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