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Inst Reposter - Posts, Reels, Stories

Inst Reposter - Posts, Reels, Stories

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The app strictly follows all Apple guidelines, including privacy policy, terms of use, guidelines for apps with in-app purchases, and interface. We considered the marketing aspects upfront, making the app more appealing to potential users. App is highly flexible, allowing you to add your own features, content, and localize to any language.

How app works

At the beginning of the process, the user is onboarded, which is displayed to him once. Then the user gets to the main screen, users are prompted to input a link to a post, video, story, or reels. Additionally, a "Go to Instagram" button is provided for a seamless transition to the Instagram application. If the user submits a link and is not subscribed, they encounter a screen presenting a subscription offer. For subscribed users, the journey progresses to a download screen displaying the download percentage. Subsequently, users arrive at the editing screen, offering options to adjust the location of the repost bar or remove it altogether. On this screen, users can also view or copy captions, and utilize the repost button, enabling direct reposting to Instagram.

Application screens

- Onboarding screen
- Subscription screen
- Rate us screen
- Home screen
- Edit screen

Technology Stack

- UI Framework: UIKit
- Interface Design: Storyboards
- Swift Packages
- AppHud for in-app purchases
- API enabling video downloads from Instagram
- User Defaults
- Localization features for global accessibility

Compatibility and Accessibility:

- The app is compatible with iOS 14 and newer, ensuring usability for users with earlier iOS versions.

Code Architecture:

- The code follows a straightforward and readable architecture, combining MVC (Model-View-Controller) with a coordinator pattern.
- Comprehensive comments have been added for better understanding, making it exceptionally easy to incorporate additional functionalities as needed.

What you get

1. The source code of the app
2. Instruction how to setup in-app purchases with App Hud
3. Instruction how to setup API

What do you need to get started

1. Mac computer
2. Xcode 14 or later
3. Create a Bundle ID

Also we provide all instructions you need inside project.


Feel free to ask any questions

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